Tirunaveli, 7 May 2020

Greetings in Jesus Name.

Hope and trust our gracious Lord has been good for the past days and the situation is getting better there.
Here they have started relaxing a little by opening small shops and the timing has been changed to 6am to 5 pm. But only now the situation is becoming bad in India. The virus is spreading fast, as no social distancing is maintained.

Today we had been to a nearby place and 30 poor pastors doing village ministries had come. They are totally in struggle because of this lockdown as no tithes but they have to pay their house rent, electricity etc. because they usually get offering from their believers in the form of rice or vegetables and very few give them tithes. But last month nothing was possible but Lord had led them in spite of their worst difficulties.
These pastors had asked us instead of grocery items it would be good if they are provided as cash of 2500/- each to overcome their difficulties.
So today they all had come to a local church and they belong to pastors care cell.
We provided them each Rs2500/- they were very happy and blessed and they all conveyed their gratitude of thanks to Good News Friend Ministries.

This weekend and next week we will distribute grocery parcels in three other villages which is quite far from our place.
Once we distribute we would send you all the details.
Please keep us in prayer as only now corona has started spreading fast in Tamilnadu.

Our love and prayers to all the sponsors of GNF ministries.

Daniel and Victoria.