Tirunaveli, 23 April 2020,

Greetings in the sweet Name of Jesus Christ.

Today morning we went to nearby small church where we distributed the grocery parcel to 9 poor families and 1 to the local church pastor Peter.
Indeed people had no words except praised the name of the Lord for the timely help extended to them.

Later today 20 grocery parcels were distributed in a village called Rediarpuram. In the video I introduce church pastor Mahibalan whom we asked to help us in distributing these 20 parcels because there was tight police curfew and outsiders other than those belonging to that village are not allowed to go inside the village. He had distributed all the 20 parcels and the photos are attached.

Once again we thank you for the burdened heart that you and the sponsors of Good News Friends Ministries had for the poor needy people of south India.
Every day many more people in the surrounding villages come and ask the local pastor for help because a lots more people are suffering without food and labor. Government provides 15kgs rice for very poor families per month but just that is not sufficient for a family of even 3 for the entire month.
Please do pray that the Lord should show His mercy to our people and many more families to be helped out so that they could at least one proper meal every day.

Brother and sister regarding helping the poor 30 pastors we will be able to give them after the lockdown because only then we could ask them to come to the church share the word of God, give them the gift (money) and provide them good meal.

I myself and Victoria have permission to go out on Tuesday and Friday from 9am to 1pm so I think on those days we will be able to help the poor people and in places of strict curfew I will make a video introducing the local pastor so that he could distribute it.
Once again we thank you and all the sponsors of GNFM for the love and gratitude extended towards our people of south India. Praying for you and GNFM sponsors. Please pray for us that the Lord should protect us as we go and do the ministry of helping the needy people during this period of crisis and COVID19.

Thank you very much too all supporters in Netherlands

Daniel and Victoria