Tirunaveli, 8 May 2020

Greetings in Jesus Name.

Today we had sent our assistant pastor Mahibalan to the village called Ukarankottai which is quite far from our place to a local church and only 12 poor families attend that church. As they are below poverty they had asked groceries plus 10kg rice to run their families so today regular groceries and rice were provided for them.

In Ukarankottai the pastor of the church and his mother in the photo was one of the child of the Good News Mission orphanage and he was in the home for nearly 10 years. After these years he went to his work and received the call of God came to this place and started the church.
Our hearts are filled with joy because one of the orphanage home child now a pastor is being supported with groceries for a month.

We thank our Lord and sponsors of GNFM that everyday poor families are able to eat.

Continue to pray for his church also as it is quite hard to do ministry in that area, and thanks to all the sponsors

Daniel and Victoria.