Tirunivelli 16 May 2020,

Blessings in Jesus Name.

Today we had been to two villages of the nearby district of Thoothukudi.

We distributed in two local churches asking the people to come over there.
Almost in one church we gave to 19 widows and one person had not come, so that church pastor will give it tomorrow. We also provided morning breakfast to these 20 widows.
In the next church we gave it to 15 poor people.
These people who received it were so thankful. To all the sponsors of GNF ministries.

This time we provided for these 35 people groceries and 10kg of rice each but because they are all single we provided one month groceries for one person a head.

Please continue to pray for us and India especially this week number of cases of covid19 in Palayamkottai is increasing. Only our Lord should protect each one of us.

Love and regards to all the sponsors.
God bless
Daniel and Victoria.