Tirunaveli, 11 May 2020,

Greetings in Jesus Name,

Today around 6:30am we started from our house and reached a village called Madachathampaadu and gave 3 package of grocery and from there went to the following nearby villages as follows:

Kuttam- 8 packages
Sowkiyapuram – 5 packages
Kodavilai – 7 packages
Pandarapuram- 7 packages
Maruthanachivilai – 10 packages
Thisayanvilai – 20 packages
Mannarpuram – 3 packages
Urumankulam – 20 packages

So totally today we distributed 83 packages. Few more parcel was not given as the family didn’t turn up. Tomorrow that pastor will give it to them.
We reached back home by 3pm and God was so good in leading us through the travel and to give to the right family.
Please continue to pray for us.

Our love and prayers to all GNFMinistries sponsors.

Daniel and Victoria.