Tirunavelli, 16 april 2020

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

Our Lord and Saviour has been so faithful to us all in safe guarding us till this day from the deadly things sorrounding us.

Our government has extended the lockdown till May 3rd.
Anyway we thought we would distribute the groceries to the nearby three villages where police restriction was not very much. Yesterday we visited two churches and asked the poor families to come to the church as we were not permitted to go to each house personally and give them. We had given to 49 families yesterday and today to 21 families.
So the 1st batch of 70 parcels of groceries were given.
Many of the ladies were so happy on opening the parcel and they contacted  us through phone and said we have never seen or got so many food groceries till this date because they are all daily wages workers and they added this whole month we would be rest assured we will have food in our houses and they added please give our thanks and gratitude to the sponsors for the love they have shown towards us by helping us to eat everyday.

Yes brother & sister we were able to see the joy in their eyes when they recieved the parcel. Praise God.
Regarding the next 70 parcel of groceries we may give after 20th April or May 3rd because in those villages there is police curfew at present and support of rs.2000/- to 30 Pastor’s will be given after lockdown is over.

I will send all the photos and we pray and hope God will open new financial doors so that many more poor families can be helped out in this toughest lockdown situation so that they would have meal everyday.
Please continue to pray for us and we are praying for you and our love and prayers to all the Good News Friends Ministries staff’s, supporters and sponsors.

Daniel and Victoria.