The Foundation aims to support the very poor in India and Nepal both spiritually, materially and financially. We intend to apply and encourage the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our methods

  1. Small scale approach – All our projects are small scale so we can easily oversee and control local activities. We stay in touch directly with our supervisors and once a year we visit all projects personally.
  2. Local responsibility – We intend to create as little dependency as possible. Wherever possible, responsibilities and competencies are delegated to local supervisors. If necessary we offer advice and of course we regularly check what progress is made and what the results are.
  3. Christian character – The gospel has an important place in our projects, but we do not believe in mission work alone. Like the bible says, there has to be a balance between ‘clothing’ (care) and the gospel.


  • President: Mrs. M. J. Jongman – de Jong
  • Secretary: Mrs. W.W. van den Bergh – Bruinenberg
  • Treasurer: Mr. L. Agyei
  • Member: Mr. A. R. Jongman
  • Member: vacancy

Recommending Committee & Advisors

  • Mr and Mrs Vlak, Den Haag
  • Mr J. Bor, Hoogblokland, HVC Foundation
  • Mrs J. Spaargaren, Voorschoten
  • Mr T. de Vries, Gorinchem.

Non profit status (ANBI)

The foundation is designated by the Dutch Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI in Dutch). As a result, its sponsors may benefit from tax advantages. To be designated as an ANBI organisation, we are obligated to publish annual information (in Dutch).



Sri Lanka

  • Good Samaritan Foundation



United States