Orphans, widows & hill tribes

The Foundation focusses on the poorest people in India and Nepal, many of whom are so called dalits (castless).

In India orphans are often left to their own devices by their relatives. They then have very little chance to reintegrate and succeed in society. Some have lost one or both parents; others have been abandoned. Some come from families that have fallen apart. In other cases their parents may not be able to support them any longer.

Which projects do we support?

  • Orphanage in Periyampatti

What can you do?
For only € 29 a month you can provide an Indian orphan with accommodation, food, clothing, medical care and education. As a result, he or she will get a chance to build up a living and rise from poverty thanks to education. It is also possible to support a member of staff for the same amount each month.

Unemployed old aged widows and widowers who have no housing often are in serious distress. These people can not count on any help from the government. If their family does not take care of them, they face a life of begging and often a premature death.

Which projects do we support?

  • Widow home in Kovaipudur

What can you do?
For € 29 a month you can sponsor a widow. She will receive shelter, food, clothing, counselling and medical care.

Hill tribes
The so-called hill tribes are communities that consist of outcasts, castless, ex-prostitutes and lepers. These people often live in very primitive conditions and can not count on any help from the government. To reach these isolated people one often needs to travel for three or four hours through the jungle. In Coimbatore, a district in the south of India, we provide aid and the gospel to these tribes. Similarly in the Dharmapuri district and among people in the slums of Bangalore. Our role in this magnificent service consists of providing sewing lessons in order to make people more self sufficient. Besides, we provide after care to people living in the slums within the Coimbatore and Dharmapuri district.

Which projects do we support?

  • Aid to hill tribes and families in the slums in the Coimbatore en Dharmapuri district

What can you do?
With € 85 you can finance a sewing machine and enable people to produce clothes. It is also possible to support the after care programme on a monthly basis, from € 10.