Providing aid and spreading the gospel in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka

Since 1997, Good News Friend Ministries has been supporting the poorest in India: orphans, widows, disabled people, and poor families – often Dalits (casteless people). Providing aid goes hand in hand with spreading the gospel. In recent years, our scope of work has extended to Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.


We help people to pick up their lives and give it meaning again. Each human being is worthy of a good future. Respect, self-esteem and independance are important keywords in what we do.

Our organisation consists of volunteers, who pay all overhead costs themselves. Your donations will be entirely spent on our small scale, local relief projects.


For whom?

The poorest people, who need help to get their lives back on track:

  • Victims of natural disasters and human trafficking
  • Disadvantaged children and young families (dalits and outcasts from slum areas, as well as hill tribes in isolated regions)
  • Elderly people

And anyone who is willing to hear the Gospel.